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We at know, what works for your gym. Under our consultancy services, we discuss your overall gym business objectives, your marketing plans, mission statements, pre-sales and post-sales strategies and help you out in establishing your gym in the best way. Our professional consultancy services include:

• Area Assessment and Equipment Suggestion
Area assessment plays a vital role before the commencement of a gym. At, we comprehend the magnitude of space available and make sure that your space is effectively utilized with a perfect blend of cardio, strength & free-weight equipment and machines required to meet the overall fitness needs of the members. According to the area available, we take into consideration the fitness goals and safety of the members along with your budget.

• Understanding the target user
Understanding the target users is one of the most crucial tasks prior to starting a gym. We, at help you analyze your prospective members and suggest mantras that can be brought into effect to render absolute satisfaction to members in congruence to their needs and tastes.

• Pre-sales Support
Pre-sales form a significant part of any promotional campaign. At, we understand that every gym needs an exposure. Therefore, through our outstanding pre-sales support we help you explore growth opportunities to derive maximum business from it. Following a simple guide process, we assist you in meeting your overall gym business goals. Our exclusive pre-sales guidance helps you spread the word about your upcoming gym with utmost innovation and expertise that enables a grand promotion.

• Post-Sales Support
Typically, post-sales consultation is offered on onsite gym models. Our consultation services continue even after your gym has been established. With our post-sales support, we help you go ahead with your gym with a tinge of professional assistance, everytime you need it. While developing a post-sales plan for your gym, we make sure that your gym runs successfully and flourishes thereafter.