Avon Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
305, Pearls Best Heights-II
Netaji Subhash Place,
Pitam Pura, Delhi - 1100 34
Ph: +91-11-450 822 83
1330 Avenue of the Americas,
Suite 23, New York City,
NY - 10019
Ph: - +1-212-3727322

About Avon is the brainchild of Avon Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. With its expertise in Print Media & Advertising solutions, Website and 3D Designing, the company has earned a prominent position for itself in the health and fitness arena. The strong foothold of Avon in the fitness domain has led to the development of the Big, with the aim to provide not only the outstanding branding services but a complete range of services required to open a gym or for running an existing gym.

Empowered by the tools of innovation and professionalism, Avon has not only served the topmost health clubs but has also worked for renowned corporates like IIT Delhi, AIIMS, Amrapali Group, Fitline, Nutrigro, Cool Slim Plan, Ayurvedicxpro, Swiss Auto Parts, Nexus, ICRI, Snob, Valentia, Fitness Force, Cool Herbals, General Chemist, Huma Books, Maples, Airbuzz, American Hott, Kare, Baby Corn Group and many more with its top-notch services.